July, 2018

ELEVATE EiQ Platform


1. Structure

Existing portal had no sitemap which produced a poor human experience and displeasing user interface. No structure prevented scalability and modular design. Design elements were inconsistent and created without rational thought. Human experience was frustrating because of structural inconsistencies.

  • Information architecture
  • Interaction design
  • Usability
  • User interface design
  • User experience design
  • Human factors engineering
  • Human computer interaction

Delivered EiQ structure, project timeline and structure review. Shared structure with key stakeholders. Reviewed and amended structure by collaborating with team members.

2. Prototype

Existing EiQ had no prototype which produced design inconsistencies and brand confusion. Prototyping allowed interactive demonstration and easier communication of portal core functionality and structure. Key stakeholders were given clear understanding of design intent, allowed early feedback and validation of direction before development.

  • Designed 25+ custom pages
  • Collaborated with international teams by communicating approach in “developer terms”
  • Collaborated with Analytics team by creating, reviewing and refining data elements
  • Created interactive prototype by defining modular and scalable design elements
  • Ensured design consistency with new ELEVATE digital eco-system
  • Focused on core functionality by researching and prioritising feedback from data
  • Reviewed prototype to gather feedback early by collaborating with team members and key stakeholders

Delivered EiQ wireframe through interactive prototype.

3. Development Direction

Communicating core functionality, design and visitor journeys within EiQ was problematic. Developers cannot produce industry leading digital products without specific design instructions that are translatable into programmers language.

  • Provided Full Stack Developers with digital assets
  • Provided custom CSS framework with key components
  • Communicated regularly between Analytics and Full Stack Developers
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