Reinventing UX

Published on August 11, 2020

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Welcome to my brand-new portfolio and thank you for visiting.

My name is Kyle Williams and I am a passionate user experience developer. Over the past 10 years I’ve been fortunate to work with like-minded design and tech enthusiasts. My journey so far has been challenging yet rewarding.

I’ve embraced every opportunity which has led to an explosion of personal growth. It is with joy that I invite you to join my expedition towards unknown ambition. I’m seeking connection with people who commit to something greater than themselves.

Passion led us here


You might be wondering what a user experience (UX) developer is. It’s understandable considering I made the “title” up. You may have heard the terms UX researcher, UI designer or front-end developer. These are very different skills, yet they share the same underlying philosophy.

Some will argue an ability to perform different skills indicates a lack of “expertise” in one area. Let me tell you they are wrong.

You can’t fulfil your potential as a front-end developer, if you don’t understand the core concept and value of UX and UI. You will not translate your UI vision into success, if you don’t understand the essence of front-end development and user behaviour. You will not provide a pleasing UX, if you don’t understand how to convert UI design into front-end development.

Often a company will segment design and development teams. The designer’s role is to understand business and user goals. They will create appealing interfaces designed to achieve those goals.

The UX role dives much deeper into business and user goals. They will brainstorm and simplify the journey to achieve the defined goals. The UX strategy should influence how the designer will approach a user interface.

Designers are creative genius’. It is fascinating watching designer go “all out” and produce stunning user interfaces. The problem is abstract and exquisite interfaces need complex engineering. In a world where most see time as money, this can lead to major problems. The biggest cause of rework is design sign off before sharing with the UX and development teams.

Projects fail when there is no collaboration between UX, design and development teams. Be responsible and accountable for the success of all teams you work with.

Hammer time

We have made it to the most important stage of any digital project. The development team begin coding. User interfaces look great on “paper”. Story telling make UX strategies appealing. All render useless if the development team can’t make it a reality.

It is mission critical for developers to recognise the designer’s vision as well as understand business and user objectives.

More often than not, this is the turning point for all digital projects. There is a colossal divergence in personality, characteristics and understanding between developer and designer. Generally, developers and designers have polar opposite mindsets.

A developer thinks methodically. They are always in the zone writing complex algorithms and producing remarkable functionality. Rarely will you find the functionality decorated in gold and glitter.

A designer has an innovational mind. They are always imagining and dreaming up solutions that most people fail comprehending. Rarely will you find a design wrapped in complex logic.

Ask a car mechanic to paint you a piece worthy of exhibition in the louvre. Vice versa. There will no doubt be rare instances where this would happen. But it is few and far between.


Bridging the gap

This is why the UX developer plays a pivotal role in influencing a project’s success or failure:

  • Aptitude to see and feel the vision of a designer
  • Comprehensive understanding of business and user objectives
  • Capacity to code interfaces achieving business and user objectives

The UX developer is the engine behind every digital application. They are responsible for ensuring all cylinder’s fire. The UX developer connects business activity, UX, UI, development and marketing.

Without this linchpin everybody falls between the cracks of the great divide.

Understanding of UX strategy, design theory, coding techniques and business direction is unique. It is a skillset I am proud of and devoted to. I will leave it with you to decide whether a UX developer warrants the “subject matter expert” label.

In the meantime; I will continue learning, improving and allow my work to speak for itself.

I would love to hear from you if you’re passionate about design and technology. You are welcome to email

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